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Funky Z28 burning out

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coming back together.

New valve seals.

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The Mysterious Fate of The “Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry” ’69 Charger R/T

“I bought [the] Charger from the production company’s available car pool. I was working on the TV show “The Streets of San Francisco,” at the time. While waiting for another scene to be set up, I was looking through the trade papers the studios get to get cars and props from other studios inventory and spotted the picture of the Charger and knew what it was,” explained Bert.

“The trades never mentioned what movie or TV shows vehicles were used in, they just listed a vehicle description and vehicle condition. I saw the picture of the Charger with the stripe running along the side and knew what movie it was from. Had a studio bought it [before me], they probably would have totaled it in a wreck or blown it up for a scene and moved on.”

“I found a few things in the trunk including a blue denim shirt with a grease stain on the left shoulder and arm, sound equipment cable ends, a beat up area road map of Stockton, Farmington and HWY 99 areas maked in circles, and a stainless steel six-foot CB antennae sticking out through the backseat.” It turns out that the blue levi shirt Bert found in the trunk wasn’t just some crew member’s discarded shirt.

“I always thought it was a film crew mechanic,” recounts Bert. “I washed it and wore it for about 3 years since it was new and fit me. I just watched my DVD again and noticed Larry’s blue shirt had an identical grease stain!”

“[The Charger] had R/T emblems but was not a 440. It had dents on the roof and the back of the stripe. I had the bodywork done, they stripped it down and repainted it but had to wait before the stripe could be done, the striping guy said to let the paint cure first before he would do it.”

Sadly, the fate of the DMCL Charger would repeat the film somewhat. “[My ex] needed the car, so she dropped me off at work. It didn’t take her long to wreck it actually, her 13-year-old sister did. My ex let her drive on a side street and ended up on the on ramp of the freeway, freaked out and took out the guardrail…at least thats what they say they hit.”

“I took it to a car dealership and just let them have it [and a trade] so I wouldn’t have to mess with the paperwork. I never told the dealer where the car came from, I just didn’t think about it in my state of mind,”

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